What you will do

Product development is all about discovery. You will be working hands-on at the center of our Build-Measure-Learn loop, making sure it turns as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ensuring an ever-improving product-market fit. At Lime we have a set of marketing tools, newsletters, event management, transactional email and sms, automated marketing flows and web forms. We believe these tools are essential in creating awesome customer experiences and an important part of the future of CRM.

As a Product Manager at Lime you will:

· work closely with our empowered engineering teams, capable of solving any problem.

· together with the Engineering Team Lead specify what needs to be done, and how it should be done.

· shape and bet on new initiatives, according to the methodology we are using – ”Shape up”.

· test and verify that built in the previous/ current cycle work and is ready for release.

· work closely with the other Product Managers, creating the strategic overall vision and roadmap.

· work closely with our Sales department and our Expert Services, to understand their needs and our joint understanding of what creates value to our end-user. Communication with, and support, these departments is essential to the position.

· leave the building to meet end-users and customers, to truly understand their needs and pain points.

What we offer

The chance to directly influence the life of our 70 000+ users, making their working day more effective and fun. Employment in a software product company where we own the entire lifecycle from development to end-user support. In other words – we have an understanding all the way up in the executive management team that Doing Things Right pays off in the end. An invitation to our famous Hack Tuesdays, Lime Dev Camps, lunchtime workouts, and mandatory ”fredagsfika”.

Your skills

To be able to do the job well, we believe you:

  • Have few years of experience with marketing-centric softwareworking with marketing automation, inbound leads, send-outs etc.  
  • Curious and have a good understanding of the end-user perspective. 
  • An urge to create great products and awesome user experiences. 
  • Equipped with PowerPoint, a good text editor, and maybe a cup of coffee; you are unstoppable. 
  • Enjoy working in an agile environment, and love knowledge sharing. 

The team 

The Product team at Lime is a small close-knit team. We all have different expertise and various backgrounds, but we share a common passion for creating great customer experiences. Some of us have a stronger technical background whilst others come more from a sales and marketing background. We help each other out, learn from each other, and collaborate closely on the projects we take on. Even though we are geographically spread across Sweden, we make sure to have a Friday beer (optional)  together and share some weekly stories. 


We are looking for candidates to join us in Gothenburg. Travelling is to be expected.

Apply now!

The recruitment process 

We will apply a continuous process and hire as soon as we find the right fit. Please submit you application as soon as possible, and no later than May 13th. During the recruitment process, you will meet our Group Product Manager and a colleague of his from the team, the Engineering Team Lead for the Marketing Technologies team, and finally our CEO. The steps we have planned for you are as follows:

  1. Initial coffee and chat about the position 2. A  practical case and following case pitch 3. An in-depth interview and meet-the-team  4. CEO-interview