In our team we organize ongoing development in four-week build cycles and two-week cool-down phases. During a cycle we group in several projects, each attacking one specific problem. This could be within one of the following areas:

  • Improvements to our Lime CRM Web Client and its architecture (we are running a hybrid Angular application, that, unfortunately, is still based on a lot of AngularJS code. But I appreciate how much influence I have in keeping the transition to Angular and web components alive).
  • Build reusable components and tools for our consultant colleagues to use in their customizations. (It’s the first time in my career that I can observe users of my work, and their feedback and enthusiasm really motivates me).

One of my favorite projects so far was the introduction of running tasks asynchronously. So when our consultants want to integrate another system that needs to import a lot of data or run a heavy report, we can do so without blocking our client or influencing its performance in any way.

To achieve the best possible result during a cycle, we spend a lot of time on architectural discussions, writing tests and reviewing each other’s code. We also mix the different levels of experience in our project teams, so that we can guide and mentor less experienced colleagues in a hands-on manner. While doing that we want to focus on the problem at hand, so non-critical bug reports end up on a stack that we can look at during the next cool-down. During those two weeks we also hold a retrospective and help our Product Owner with shaping requirements for the next cycle.

In all that each team member has the chance to influence the way we work, the technology stack and of course the product itself (which ultimately means improving the daily life of a lot of users). My team is concentrated around the frontend but I personally like to see the whole picture. So when I asked for a broader technology stack, I easily got into projects where we used other parts of our ecosystem: python for our backend, Jenkins for CI/CD and our SaaS environments on AWS.

There are also plenty of opportunities at Lime to get involved in all sorts of company initiatives. Some of the things I chose are:

  • The mentorship program: Women mentor senior management to create understanding and improve equality in the company.
  • The Quality Education group, where one of my first passions will be to plan the first-ever Lime summer coding camp.
  • Next Generation Leaders: Our internal leadership track that I was selected for this semester.

Want to get to know each other better? Great! Apply ASAP!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Submit your application HERE! Please also include a cover letter telling us more about your passions in life, and why Lime feels like your next home-away-from-home. We’re more than happy if you link to your GitHub or Stack Overflow profile.