The team:

We are a small, autonomous development team, looking for a new Team Lead based locally in the vicinity of Lund, Sweden.

The tech:

We host our cloud product on AWS. The backend is primarily developed in .NET Core. We work in an agile environment with a focus on quality. We use GitHub for version control/peer reviews, Jenkins for CI/CD, and Ruby/Rake for general tooling.

The product:

Lime Go is our intelligent sales automation tool that utilizes prediction technology and integrated 3rd party data. It helps our end users find and communicate with their future customers more easily.

Who are you?

As a senior developer with +7 years of experience as a .NET developer, you have probably acted as an Agile leader of some sort. You enjoy discussing architecture and want to keep coding. You’d feel comfortable mentoring team members. You speak Swedish and English fluently.

As our Team lead you will:

  • Plan development cycles and lead the daily standups.
  • With the team, write code, and develop our architecture and hosting environment.
  • In close collaboration with Product Management, understand and break down requirements.
  • Coach and mentor team members.

Who are we?

On Wednesdays, the team goes out for lunch. Where do we go? What do we do? What do we eat? Nobody outside the team knows… One defined interest we have in common (except for food) is two-wheeled modes of transportation 🙂

What now?

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to reach out to Eva ( / 072-080 31 91).

Apply today!

This position is based at our head office in Lund. It is commuter friendly by public transportation, car, and bike. We promote wellness, and as the offices are located in Sankt Lars Park we have lunchtime workouts and walk-and-talk-meetings.

Want to learn more about what working with us like? Check out our developer web site!