Add-on Mindset

Our software engineers that are working with Add-ons know how to flex the Lime CRM platform to its fullest. They work in terms of specifics rather than larger customer cases. Making Add-ons is not about creating a framework or library, it’s about solving a very specific business need and building it in such a way that it can easily fit into different customers solutions.

The Perfect Add-on

When we set out to make a new Add-on we look to find the most common needs for our customers where only minimal configuration differences are needed.

We aim to make each Add-on:

– Ready for customers to start using immediately
– Sellable to thousands of customers
– Configurable
– Easy to install and setup

Most Add-ons are built in the same way:

Python code for backend things such as endpoints, background jobs and calls to external APIs
– Tons of stencil web components in typescript for all the front end needs
– A recommend starting data model in a json format
– Technical documentation in mkdocs markdown


One exciting aspect of working with Add-ons is that they are mini-products with everything one would expect of a product. They have their own backlog, design, repository, sales material and release cycle.

When working with Add-ons you get to build new products from start to finish!

"They say variety is the spice of life, we mix it up. Working on Add-ons with varying complexity and functionality, makes it a challenging, well-rounded and fulfilling experience."

Terry Ilebode, Software Engineer

Spoon Feeding

We build our Add-ons using the same tools and customization APIs as our consultants, partners and customers do. This allows us to validate that the platform we deliver really lives up to its promise. And if it doesn’t, those same software engineers switches hats and fixes it themselves.

Every single customization feature in the platform has at least once been used as an Add-on and many of them was originally made to support our Add-ons.

Would you like to "productify" business value with us?

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