Hosting CRM

Cloud engineers at Lime provide a toolbox for the rest of the organization. Our cloud platform is very dynamic. It’s built with a focus on making it simple for our delivery organization to deploy applications for new and existing customers. This adds a lot of extra challenges, but that’s also why we think it interesting and fun to work with our cloud infrastructure.

At Lime we know the needs of every business is unique, so we offer each of our customers the ability to run their own customized version of our software. This means our infrastructure is rapidly changing with new or updated containers being spun up every few minutes.

To understand our workload and design our products to run smoothly in the cloud, our software- and cloud engineers work together in transparency, teaching each other and combining both perspectives.


Consul is a service which we’re using for service discovery and service configuration. We love Consul! We believe that Consul is a great choice for us and it’s something we want to continue work with. In fact, Consul is just one of many products from Hashicorp that we’re using (Terraform, Packer).

Tools and Services

Not only do we monitor, measure and tweak our infrastructure constantly. We also provide tools and best practices for our support and delivery departments to do the same for the applications they deploy.

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