Startup mentality

Lime Go is run as a company within a company. It gives us a stable foundation to lean on and focus all our efforts on moving the product forward and innovate.

Through the years Lime Go has been the testing grounds for alot of new processes and tools before adapting them to Lime CRM.

Do it all

For us that work with Lime Go it’s natural to be part of the entire lifecycle of the product, we care too much to not get involved. From requirements and design to testing and cloud operations, we to be part of it all.

Our product owner and engineers are close to our customers and interact daily with our sales- and support departments. Keeping the feedback loop short is crucial when moving fast!

Clean Code

We recently finished a 2-year redesign project of the front end of Lime Go. Its code base is now completely rewritten, well-organized, clean and a pleasure to work with.

Modern React

Lime Go is written in the latest versions of React and Redux with a high focus on UX/UI.


We are using .NET for its development speed in regards to building Web APIs but also due to the performance speed of the framework itself.

We have recently updated most of our codebase to .NET 5 (planning to upgrade to 6 soon) in order to keep up to date with the new framework and language features that improve performance, readability and maintainability.


In order to give flexibility to the consumers of our public API we are using GraphQL for some of our operations.

It allows consumers of our public API to efficiently load or update exactly the data they need and nothing more.


To search through the millions of Nordic companies that our customers have the potential to sell too, we are using Elasticsearch which makes it possible to build powerful search queries that yield results in milliseconds.

Cloud Service

Lime Go runs as a SaaS solution in AWS on EC2 instances and ECS containers with a Postgress RDS database.

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