We don’t want to hire smokers. “Why not?” you might ask… Because smoking isn’t smart. A requirement for working at Lime is that you are smart.

There are obviously smart people out there who smoke even though they realise that it is harmful to both themselves and to others. With self-discipline and a huge amount of will, anyone can actually stop smoking. We are looking for people with self-discipline and a strong will.

We aren’t silly and we do know that there are people who may be strong willed and still decide to smoke, but that is your risk to take for an activity that you enjoy.

We are frugal and don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Did you know that a smoker, on average, have 30 minutes more breaks per day? And eight more days of sick leave per year than non-smokers? A considerable cost for a company.

To sum it up… we can not recruit smokers.

Here are some facts about the economic impact of smoking. And pictures of what happens to your body when you smoke. That’s some scary shit. Want to quit?

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