From Student to Trainee Programme

From the very beginning, I fell head over heels for Lime as a company, and what’s more, I could see lots of different roles that were right up my alley! By talking openly about my strengths, I received great support to find the job that suited me most, based on my capabilities and interests

While I was studying in Lund, I heard loads of exciting things about Lime, such as Lime’s highly motivated employees and wonderful corporate culture where great emphasis is placed on your personal development. Right after my studies, I first held an internship with the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. And six months after graduation, I had found my true home, at Lime. So, I packed all my things and I moved to Stockholm to join my colleagues at the Stockholm office and to start my trainee journey.

I wanted to work for an open and social company where I would be challenged both professionally and personally, and this is just what Lime is to me. I get to drive my own development every day, with great support from my closest manager and together with the best team, I could ever dream about!

My Time at Lime

I spent the first few weeks joining intensive trainee training together with all the other trainees. It was such a fun time, with trainees from different offices with various roles, and by the end, we had become a tight-knit bunch. We had training in everything related to CRM, the products, and the company. We also got awesome tips and tricks to use in our own roles.

After the trainee month, which was filled with fun cases, group exercises, lectures, and presentations, we were all ready to really get started. We were all given our own customers and projects based on our individual roles. It was both fun and inspiring, but of course at the same time, totally new and a little bit scary. Therefore, I am extra thankful for Lime’s corporate culture, encouraging you to reach out to senior colleagues asking for help. Everyone is so helpful and supportive!

Kick-start as a Customer Success Manager

One of the best things about working as a Customer Success Manager at Lime is that no two days are ever the same. I get to meet customers from all kinds of industries with a whole range of needs. You get lots of responsibility while at the same time you can always get help from your colleagues. We have a really open culture, where we give each other feedback and support.  At Lime, it’s down to you alone to set the limits on what you can do and accomplish. You get support in setting goals, but you have a great opportunity to influence the journey, with, of course, the occasional nudge in the right direction from your team!

Working as a Customer Success Manager at Lime has given me so much more than I could have imagined, so why not do what I did? Grab the opportunity and apply!

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