From Student to Trainee

In August I was preparing to start as a trainee Developer at Lime. It was my first job after studying and I was anxious because my student life was coming to an end. I now realise instead that I have an amazing future ahead!

After my studies, I knew I wanted to become a developer and I had heard many good things about the graduate trainee service. It enables graduates to learn as much as possible during their first work experience, while sharing the experience with others in a similar situation. Lime, with its corporate culture and career opportunities, could offer me both. Just a few interviews and a case study stood between me and my dream job. I had a very positive feeling that the company was right for me, a feeling that was reinforced during the interview process, making Lime a clear choice for me.

Your new life at Lime

The first stage of training took place at the Lunda office. There were 26 of us and during the five weeks, we all learned how to become a true “Limer”. We, the trainees, were divided into account managers, project managers, application consultants and developers, which gave us the opportunity to learn the interaction between the roles in different projects. During the final weeks, we were trained within our roles so we were prepared for real work.

Various activities outside working hours allowed participants to develop strong bonds, which means that we all have a very good relationship today. When the first period was over, we all returned to our respective offices in Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. It was finally time for us to begin our real work, but still look forward to our trainee reunions during the coming year. The trainee period lasts 12 months and during that time, the trainees meet at intervals for further training and fellowship.

Why Trainee Developer?

A university education only touches upon important subject areas within IT and it is now time for a trainee to deepen their knowledge and link it to working life. As a Trainee Developer, you will learn the most important building blocks of software development under the guidance of our awesome colleagues.

Do you know how to write neat code and that it can be achieved through test-driven development? Do you have knowledge of continuous integration and version management? Either way, you should learn everything that we know. If we are not in the office, we will hire a cottage for a week, go to hackathons and get to know each other even better.

Life as an IT Girl in the “cave”

The development department itself is located in Lund, so the Lund office is my home. I work with the web client for our product, Lime CRM and my team sits on the second floor towards the back of the so-called cave. The cave is not at all as awful as it sounds – it is a cosy room with sloping ceilings and skylights.

We start the morning at our Kanban board with a stand-up meeting, to get an overview of today’s work. We work agilely in close collaboration with our product manager to achieve the best results, as smoothly as possible. In our work process, we strive for high code quality through code reviews, continuous integration and a solid testing process. Every Wednesday, we have weekly meetings where we sit in our colourful “Fatboys” and find out what is happening with our teams and our product. My team works with various features in the web client and since I started here, I have mostly coded in Python on the backend page.

I think that Lime has a big advantage, in that the development department is not that large, making it easier for developers to vary their tasks. As a developer, you are not put in a compartment, but have the choice to work with both frontend and backend. At lunchtime, you meet all your colleagues downstairs in the kitchen, either heating their lunch boxes or going out to nearby eateries. Every day at 15.00, the kitchen is a gathering place for coffee and socialising. Come and hang out in the comfortable sofas or keep your first place in FIFA until work calls again.

To put feelings into words

If you have not felt it yet, then you should know that the corporate culture is absolutely fantastic at Lime. Here, everyone has lunch with everyone, and it is a close community whether you are a developer or an account manager. Add to that the challenging tasks, competent and helpful colleagues, and being met every day by a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone, you can’t help but look forward to work every morning.

When I left my student life, I never thought I would find the same feeling again, but Lime has something special. I feel I will stay here for a long time; there is space for both personal and career development.

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