Love at First Sight

After working for some time now as a Technical Project Manager, I can proudly say that I not only have a fantastic role, I also have the world’s best employer. If you like the sound of this, why not apply to Lime for a great work experience? Read below to find out why you should!

I have always dreamt of working for one of the consulting giants. However, that dream faded quite early on when I started working for Lime. It all began with a recruitment process which involved tight deadlines and case studies. There was an amazing sense of joining a friendly community with a fantastic corporate culture. It was early in the recruitment process that I fell head over heels. I had found my employer – and new friends.

I believe it is quite difficult to find an employer with so many good, caring, passionate and happy colleagues. Especially now, when we have more than 300 employees.

We often say that “the only thing we take seriously is our customers”, and that’s precisely how it is. We are different, we have fun, not only together but also with our customers, whilst we deliver CRM projects to a high standard. It’s a superb combination!

Your CRM Journey Begins Here

Two months after handing in your thesis, there followed an intensive but unforgettable summer learning about Lime, CRM, our products and what it means to be a consultant at Lime. The summer was filled with many interesting lectures, casework, activities with the trainee group and of course, coffee breaks! We work hard to ensure a strong sense of community within our group so that everyone feels part of the “gang” from day one.

Life as a Technical Project Manager at Lime

After completing my studies, I imagined I would end up in a programming pool, as I was informed that many system scientists start their careers in coding. That’s definitely not my dream job! I wanted to work in business development with customer contact plus, of course, do plenty of coding. That’s exactly what I do as a Technical Project Manager. And I am really passionate about my work.

I do everything from acting as a salesperson and support, to being the customer’s superhero. I am the one who sets my boundaries, organises my time and decides how much work I do. Taking coffee breaks and going to CrossFit at lunchtime are also important parts of the day!

With the aim of streamlining a business, running a CRM project is really enjoyable. My responsibility is to take the customer’s requirements and turn them into reality and I manage this with the support of our products. I ensure that the solution is custom-built to their needs, implemented in their company and then provide training for them. During the purchase process, I meet all kinds of people, discover new places and collaborate with the best colleagues in the world.

Working at Lime also means having a great relationship with my customers, delivering projects with a smile. Handing out chocolates during a training session is always appreciated!

Would you like a job that you enjoy as much as I do?

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