Am I still an employee after the trainee year?

YES! We want to invest in you and your future here at Lime. The trainee year is just the start of your career, ensuring you become kickass in your field of expertise.

Am I applying for one position or is this a rotating program?

You are applying for one of our positions and you will get specific training for that position.

It would be great if you already know which position you’re interested in. But don’t worry, it’s not set in stone. You can get more info about our positions here.

Am I paid as a trainee?

Of course, you will have a salary just like the rest of us!

We have a flat salary rate during the trainee period. After your first year with us, you will have an individually set salary based on your performance, development etc.

What happens after the trainee year?

Congrats! You survived 😉 Your development continues with an individual development plan set up together with your manager. We are continuously working on new ways to help our employees develop and grow to become true Lime stars.

Which office can I work at?

The role as Account Manager, Application Consultant, and Technical Project Manager is available at all our offices. The position as Customer Success Manager is available at our Swedish offices. In these positions, you are required to be fluent in the local tongue due to the customer interaction. Software Engineer trainees are based in Sweden, and English is the required language.

How will I collaborate with the other trainees throughout the year?

We really want you to stay close to your fellow trainee colleagues. That’s why we encourage you to stay in touch, share your knowledge, and to visit one other office during the first year.

What is the setup for the intro weeks in Lund?

Together with all new trainees from our different offices, you will get two weeks of intense training in Lund. Prepare for a few late pizza case nights, as well as lots of social activities to help you bond with other trainees and senior colleagues alike.

If Lund is not your local office, you will share a room together with a colleague at an apartment hotel in the city center. You will be busy, and we promise a lot of fun!

All trainee sessions and materials are in English as it’s our corporate language.

What happens after the two introduction weeks?

After heading back to your local office, you will continue having remote training sessions with the other trainees with different intensity throughout the trainee year. Combined with theoretical training, you will start working on projects as well as tagging along with senior colleagues. We are convinced that learning by doing is the most effective method, and thereby you will quickly get your own responsibilities, with loads of support.

I have been invited for a speed date, what is the set-up?

The speed date will be held digitally through Teams in your local language. 

Does Lime cover travel expenses during the recruitment process?

If you have to travel a long distance to come to our office during the recruitment process, Lime will cover the travel costs. Discuss with the Lime colleague if an on-site interview is the best option, or if Teams is preferable in regards of time.

What is the European Trainee Program?

Trainee program/ graduate program – you name it. It is a fulltime job where we onboard, and get you up to speed by introductory lectures, case studies, and learning by doing.

Who can apply?

The European Trainee Program targets new graduates and candidates who have been working for up to two years after graduation. We require an academic degree within a relevant field. You can read more about our specific requirements for our different positions here.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

We are well aware that job hunting is hard work, and we appreciate the time you have invested in your application. We will make sure to carefully review your application, and you will hear back from us regardless of the outcome. Keep an eye on your inbox (and the spam folder) for the follow-up on your application.

Still got questions?

Contact our brilliant trainee recruiter!
Karl-Johan Kjellberg