Straight from IT graduate to trainee

Andreas was early hooked on anything that involved data and IT. It therefore came as no surprise that he chose to study Applied Data Science at Oslo Metropolitan University, with a focus on different programming languages and universal IT system design. He started as a trainee at Lime during the second part of 2017 – straight after his graduation.

“What first caught my eye was the job ad. The work tasks were aligned with what I had studied, and I got the impression it was a cool company with great work colleagues. This was confirmed during my first job interview, when I got to learn more about Lime’s business and when I realised how pleasant the (future) colleagues were.”

With focus on larger accounts and on helping workmates

The first year at Lime – the year as a trainee – was an upward learning curve and Andreas had an opportunity to grow in his role as application consultant. He was involved with less complex tasks in different projects and helped with various customizations at customers. Today it’s different.

“I now work primarily with larger accounts, which I really enjoy. I’m building long-term customer relationships and is able to structure my own work. In addition, I have more internal responsibilities at the Oslo office, such as supporting project leaders as new integrations are made available. That’s something I really enjoy about Lime: that one quickly gets to take on more responsibilities.”

“I have the opportunity to be involved in several projects simultaneously”

Autonomy is what Andreas appreciates most about his current role: he controls his own workload and his own projects. He also enjoys the company culture and gets along really well with his workmates.

“Our work environment is really quite unique, and everyone supports each other. That doesn’t only apply to the Oslo office, but also to other offices; you always get help when you ask. Which is super nice!”

New technology and growth mean opportunities

Andreas basically works with the same things as when he first started at Lime: integrations and some more advanced customisations of CRM solutions. The methods have partly evolved, though, and he has been able to develop his technical skills.

“A lot of new technologies have made their entrance during my years here alone. There are now several new forms of technology that I can be involved with – which I find very exciting. “

Strong growth at the Norwegian office has brought with it lots of fun memories – and there is likely to be a need for new jobs in the near future.

“Our office is relatively small, but growth is stable, and it feels great to be part of the journey we have kicked off. There are still more development opportunities for me as application consultant and I’m certain there will be even more opportunities for me as we progress forward.”

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