What is the European Trainee Program?

Briefly put, it is a brilliant start to your career – but if you need some more information, you will find some useful notes below.



With our European Trainee Program, we promise you a unique opportunity to kick start your career. Faced with interesting challenges from day one, your learning curve will rise rapidly. Throughout the program, you will be mentored by a senior colleague providing support.



The trainee program kicks off with two weeks at our HQ in Lund, Sweden. Together with all trainees from our different offices, you will get intense training and education as well as plenty of time for team building and having fun. After the intro period, you head back to your local office and start working hands-on with everything you have learned, combined with more education throughout the year.



Our offices are located in Stockholm, Lund, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Utrecht, and Cologne. With our goal to become even more international time will tell where we will open up next!

See the language requirements for the different markets below.

Joint introduction (1 week) + specialised training (1 week)

Follow senior colleagues + specialised training + work on own projects (22 weeks)

Joint & specialised training (1 week)

Work on own projects (24 weeks) + career at Lime - Let's go!

What career is right for you?

Knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up can be tricky. Luckily, our trainee program has several paths to choose from. We require full professional working proficiency in the local language of the specific office that you are applying to – unless you are a Software Engineer. As an SW Engineer, we require full working proficiency in English.

Software Engineer

Account Manager

Application Consultant

Technical Project Manager

Customer Success Manager

Our recruitment process

As we have a company culture of which we are both famous for, and proud of, our recruitment process is a bit like us – special, with an extra twist! We see the recruitment process as a mutual getting-to-know-each-other. You figure out if we are your future employer, and we get to discover if you are our next Lime colleague.


The steps

We start by reviewing your application (CV and motivational letter). Hopefully, you meet the formal requirements of the position you have applied for and you will get invited to speed date. This way of recruiting gives us a chance to meet lots of wonderful people and characters. The following steps are a case – a case presentation – an in-depth interview – a reference check – and a final interview with our CEO. They are based on which role you have applied for and give us both an idea of whether Lime and the position is the right fit for you.


Do we match?

Throughout the process, you will meet many of us from Lime. This way, you will get a better idea of whether the company, the position, and your future colleagues are the perfect fit for you.


Important dates

The application for January 2025 will be opened again during August.

Speed date

Case/tests & interview

In-depth interview

Reference check

Final interview with CEO

Career at Lime

The application for January 2025 will be opened again during August!


Am I still an employee after the trainee year?

YES! We want to invest in you and your future here at Lime. The trainee year is just the start of your career, ensuring you become kickass in your field of expertise.


Am I applying for one role or is this a rotating program?

You are applying for one of our roles and you will get specific training for that position.

It would be great if you already know which role you are interested in. If so, please specify it in your application. But do not worry, it is not set in stone.


Am I paid as a trainee?

Of course, you will have a salary just like the rest of us!

We have a flat salary rate during the trainee period. After your first year with us, you will have an individually set salary based on your performance, development, etc.