What we do

We build an ecosystem for delivering great CRM systems. We have grouped our software into some boxes below, some are handled by one team, some by several. Most engineers work on more than one. Find the ones that excites you!

Lime CRM

Super customizable application platform.

(Python + Typescript)

CRM Cloud

Our cloud platform for delivering Lime CRM to thousands of customers.



Business ready functions for Lime CRM.

(Python + Typescript)

Marketing Tech

Marketing software with automation.

(C#.NET + Vue)


Tools and frameworks to simplify the life of our customers’ customers.

(PHP/Laravel + Vue)

Lime Go

Lean and mean sales application.

(C#.NET + React.JS)

What we believe in

Have fun

Doing what you love, loving what you do. One of the success factors of doing a great job is having fun while doing it. In fact, we go as far as saying that the only thing we take seriously is our customers. That’s probably why you will be greeted with a smile whenever you enter our premises!

Stay healthy

A healthy lifestyle is good for you, so we provide healthy snacks and support your lunch training. Don’t worry, if you like your occasional Coke with sugar on top, we have that too. But we don’t hire smokers. Why? It has been proved that smoking is really bad for your health so it’s obviously very unsmart to smoke. And we only want to hire smart people.

Keep it simple

We always try to create things that are easy to understand and reduce complexity in everything we do: license agreements, marketing web sites and of course our products. Hard for us, simple for the user. Don’t overanalyze things. YAGNI. And yes, we really dig the Zen of Python.

Make a mark

We are a meritocracy with very little hierarchy which makes it easy to influence the way you work, the tech stack and our products. And since we’re a product company that owns the entire lifecycle, we encourage people to engage in projects they find interesting where they can contribute even if it’s outside their regular duties.

Be a team

Building and delivering a great product experience is a team effort where many people from different departments are involved both before and after end users begin using our software. This experience is only as good as its weakest link which is why we always take the time to help each other — we run this company together!

Come as you are

Your gender, beliefs, skin color or ties to the CEO’s brother don’t make a difference here. We don’t care how you dress. We like (and encourage!) your geeky traits. As long as you’re smart, get things done and have the right personality — come as you are, do what you love.

Sneak peek at our code

Want to have a look at our code? See how we conduct our code reviews, write issues and work with pull requests? You can! Our web component framework Lime Elements is open source and a unique opportunity to have a look directly into the heart of what we do.

How we do it

Shape Up

Like every software company on the planet we follow an agile approach. For us the choice fell on Shape Up.

Whereas the traditional approach is asking developers to estimate how many story points a certain feature will take to build, Shape Up puts it on its head and instead our product owners presents our software engineers with a customer problem, and asks them how much customer value they can deliver with X engineers in Y weeks.

We love how this empowers our engineers to take more responsibility, ask the right questions and really understand the underlying customer problem.

At Lime, technical requirement specifications are an endangered sight.

Friday Demos

Every Friday the software engineers across all teams gather for a big conference call. All the engineers show what they have worked on during the week with a focus on storytelling and customer value. For us, how and why is equally important.

Hack Tuesdays

At the end of each development cycle we celebrate with a Hack Tuesday. Its a fun and festive day when the whole day is spent on learning, experimentation and general tinkering. At the end we showcase our demos and a committee appoints a winner.

Who we are

Our Engineering department has more than 13 nationalities across five offices. We split into teams ranging from five to seven, always including a dedicated product owner. While some teams are centered around a specific location, others are fully distributed or even remote. UI and UX specialists works across all teams.

Would you like to become one of us?