What you will do

Product development is all about discovery. You will be working hands-on at the center of our Build-Measure-Learn loop, making sure it turns as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ensuring an ever-improving product-market fit.


The Junior part of Junior Product Owner, what’s that about?

We are strengthening the Product Department by getting more hands on deck. This is the entry-level position in our product organization, but not to Lime (it is not a part of our trainee program). We believe that with your experience of having delivered projects to end customers, we can support you in becoming a great Product Owner.


As a Product Owner you will:

  • work closely with our empowered product development teams, capable of solving any problem.
  • together with the Development Team Lead specify what needs to be done, and how it should be done.
  • manage the teams’ backlog and assist with issue tracking.
  • test and verify that built in the previous/ current cycle work and are ready for release.
  • work closely with our Group Product Manager, who is responsible for the strategic overall vision and roadmap. We use agile methods to figure out what to do and to make sure we are doing it correctly.
  • work closely with our Sales department and our Expert Services, to understand their needs and our joint understanding of what provides value for our end-user. Communication with, and support, these departments is essential to the position.
  • Finally, you are not afraid to get out of the building, meet end-users and customers, and truly understand their needs and pain points.


You will NOT be responsible for:

  • developing long term strategic plans for the future of the product.
  • budgeting
  • managerial leadership


What we offer

The chance to directly influence the life of our 70 000+ users, making their working day more effective and fun. Employment in a software product company where we own the entire lifecycle from development to end-user support. In other words – we have an understanding all the way up in the executive management team that Doing Things Right pays off in the end. An invitation to our famous Hack Tuesdays, Lime Dev Camps, lunchtime workouts, and mandatory ”fredagsfika”.


Your skills

To be able to do the job well, we believe you:

  • Have approximately 1-2 years of experience in technical project management of software delivery, or equivalent.
  • Have a good understanding of how the creation of software products comes about.
  • Have a good understanding of the end-user perspective.
  • Want to learn, understand, and listen – then execute with focus. What you don’t know about backlog grooming, user stories, roadmap visualization, and so on – we will teach you!
  • Equipped with PowerPoint, a good text editor, and maybe a cup of coffee; you are unstoppable.
  • Enjoy working in an agile environment, and love knowledge sharing.
  • Speak and write English and Swedish fluently.
  • Have a Master’s degree in engineering or equivalent.
  • Phew… did we mention that we believe you are curious and humble as well?



We are looking for candidates to join us in Lund. Travelling is to be expected.


Apply now


We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Please answer the following questions in your motivational letter:

  • Why do you want to join Lime?
  • Why do you want to become our next Product Owner?
  • What qualifications/ experiences do you have that you deem most relevant to the position?



We interview candidates continuously and will fill the position as soon as we find the right person for the job.


Got some Qs? Contact Eva eva.boynton@lime.tech+46 (0) 720 803 191.



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